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Can you please provide any and all documentation regarding the Morningstar space as it pertains to Three Captains- any and all reports, research or studies that SMCHD conducted when evaluating the feasibility of hoist locations, both North and South since 2012.  On 10/25/18, clarification of search: I'm sorry but maybe the the request wasn't clear. These are general public reports and not related directly to the Three Captains hoist. I requested information form SMCHD regarding feasibility of a new hoist on Johnson Pier.  I also asked for documentation and correspondence, lease amendments, etc. regarding the MorningStar space and how it relates to any proposed installation of any new hoist in any area of Johnson Pier. I doubt these two 4 year old published reports are the only items that related to the above considering their have been multiple lawsuits and an arbitration.


October 13, 2018 via email


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